Murano Millifiori Fratelli Toso Millefiori (Murrina) Cabinet Jug

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Murano Millifiori Fratelli Toso Millefiori (Murrina) Cabinet Jug.. Mid Century Modern Italian Design..
Is in a very good condition..

Height: 7 cm / 2.8 inch
Width: 9 cm / 3.5 inch

The name millefiori is a blending of the Italian words “mille”, for thousand, and “fiori”, or flower. In other words, millefiori glass contains a thousand flowers-an accurate description of the flowered mosaic pattern featured on millefiori glass and accessories.

The name “millefiori” was coined by A. Pellatt in his book, “Curiosities of Glassmaking.” Prior to that time millefiori beads were simply known as mosaic. The style itself dates back to the Roman times, where millefiori glass such as we know it originated in Murano, Italy in the 15th century and where it could be seen on glassware all across Europe. Today, millefiori remains strongly associated with Venetian glassware. (Glassware produced in Venice, Italy.)

What many people do not realize is that millefiori glass did not, in fact, originate in Italy. Italy was only the birthplace of millefiori as we know it today. Millefiori has been found dating as far back as Mesopotamian civilizations and the Roman Empire, and several examples of Millefiori work have been tracked back to the renaissance. After that point, however, the technique all but disappeared until the 18th century. It was reborn in Silesia-Bohmia; however, it wasn’t long before factories in Venice, England and France began manufacturing vast quantities of millefiori canes.

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