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Dear Customers,

This week some new fabulous WGP pottery Vases are coming online.

A sneak preview:  

Carstens Tonniehof pumpkin Vase:

The Carstens Tonnieshof factory was located in Freden an der Leine (West Germany). Christian and Ernst Carstens founded the Carstens Tönnieshof concern. Carstens Uffrecht turned into the East German vase manufacturer VEB Haldensleben in 1945. Carstens did not only manufacture vases, but also lamp bases, candlesticks, wall reliefs, and clock casings. - website containing history

Dumbler und Breiden Vase:

The factory started production in 1883 and was established in Höhr-Grenzhausen, a town renowned for its many ceramics factories. The founders were Peter DÜmler (7/11/1860 – 19/04/1907) and his brother-in-law Albert Breiden (12/06/1860 – 27/05/1926).



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